A space for creativity and calm

amidst a turbulent world 

We are grateful to everyone who has supported the mission of The Farmhouse in the many ways each has,
from time and service to instruments and furniture, from loose change to a $1,000 donation,
to the most wonderful Steinway grand piano that was donated in 2017.

 All have been welcome and most needed!

These Friends of The Farmhouse have contributed so generously:

Tony Auth
Bill Baker
Stephanie Brown
Chris’ Jazz Cafe

Michael DiBattista
Natalie DiBattista
DiBattista Consulting, LLC
Paulette Douglas
Kathleen Evans
The Faulkner Family
Dr. Robert Flynn
Woody Freiman

Ben Gall
Patricia Harner
Susan Harner
Anne Stokes Hochberg
Alvin Holm

Nancy Holm
Lynne Honickman/The Honickman Foundation

Krena & Bruce Horowitz
Jerome Hunter
Tom Lawton
The Lutheran Church of the Holy Communion
Harriet Mancini
Pat Martino
Donovan McNabb

Remy Mason

Linda Munich
The Paper Market
Al Paris
Bob Perkins

Robert Peters
DeWitt Peterson/Jean
Philadelphia Federal Credit Union
Kimberly Pinto
The Prime Rib

Catherine Raymond
Red Owl Cafe
Richard Rosenfeld/Rosenfeld Gallery
Venerable Losang Samten
Richard Simmons

Glenn and Marisa Stevens

Doris Staffel-Malarkey
Vincent's Jazz
The Weber Foundation for Helping Hands, Melrose, MA
George Whiteside
WPVI / ABC, Philadelphia, PA
WRTI -- Temple University Music Radio

Pam Yaller


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