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The Optimal Wellness Center at The Farmhouse

            A wise physician once said, "The best medicine for
            humans is love." 

            Someone asked, "What if it doesn't work?"

            He smiled and answered, "Increase the dose."

    We have become increasingly aware of the benefit of natural

    pathways to support, promote, restore and rebuild the

    the best in health.  With personalized protocols that address the

    pillars of wellness that include daily food choices,

    techniques for restful sleep, stress management systems, 

    appropriate exercise, and customized supplementation, The

    Optimal Wellness Center provides natural solutions for the

    chronic conditions of 21st century life.  Prevention is the best


A wise physician said, “The best medicine for Humans is LOVE.” Someone asked… “What if it doesn’t work?” He smiled, and answered, “Increase the dose.”
Read More: https://www.all-greatquotes.com/a-wise-physician-said-the-best-medicine-for-humans-is-lov

Barbara Montgomery is a certified Integrative, Holistic and Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner integrating traditional world and western medicine.  She specializes in orthomolecular medicine and nutritional biochemistry to address chronic degenerative disease, PTSD, women’s health, age management, weight management, performance and recovery for professional and amateur athletes, and pediatric neurological organization and development. 

Along with her consultation practice, Ms. Montgomery also teaches seminars on wellness and preventive care internationally to allopathic and world medical tradition health professionals. She assists health professionals in integrating wellness protocols and education into their practices to support the best in healthcare for their patients.  She also conducts webinars and in-person seminars for community and corporate groups desiring lifestyle healthcare and preventive practices.

We are all unique--we are not bio-identical. Understanding the roles our environment, genetics, emotions and thoughts, as well as external and internal pathogens contribute to our wellness --or lack of wellness-- is key.  Barbara works alongside individuals and families with the goal of co-creating optimal health in every area of  life -- they are all intertwined.

She has had the good fortune to have been trained and taught by Dr. Linus Pauling (Nobel Prize, Chemistry and Peace), Dr. Ralph Pelligra, MD, Chief Medical Officer, NASA/Ames, Glenn Doman, Founder, Child Brain Development, IAHP,  Dr. Perry Krichmar, MD, (cardiology); Dr. Stan Pierce, Jr., DC,  Dr. Milan Moore, MD (orthopedics), Dr. Yeshe Donden (Tibetan medicine, physician to His Holiness the Dalai Lama), along with many other recognized experts in diverse fields of preventive care, brain injury and biochemistry.

As a Buddhist practitioner for over 50 years, she incorporates various methods of meditation and mindfulness in her stress response and management protocols, teaching individuals the effects that our mental/psychological/emotional states have on our physiology.  When we understand the unity of mind, body and spirit, we can understand the loop for “ease” or “dis-ease” that is created when we are not in balance.

For over 40 years she has developed programs for brain-injured and well children based on the understanding of neurological growth and development, founded on her training and clinical work at The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential.  She was also a teacher in The International School and has taught languages, art, music, violin (direct guidance from Dr. Shinichi Suzuki), the sciences, history, literature, and gymnastics, among other areas in the academic and physical programs to tiny children, giving them a foundation for achieving their potential from birth.  She is certified at the teaching level and volunteered for many years in the
clinical work of the Institutes. 
She has participated in over thirty world conferences on brain research and has received the Brazilian Gold Medal of Honor for her work in this field.

Barbara Montgomery PJP

To schedule an appointment or for more information, please email, telephone or text:

Email: barbara@optimalwellness.me

Telephone/text: 484.431.7474



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