A space for creativity and calm

amidst a turbulent world 

“…filled with love and light…”.

“…a beautiful blessing…”

“I was in a fearful place when I came here, but no more.”

“My time here has brought about a change in my life that I cannot explain.”

“This place is so special, it has an energy unlike any other place I have been to.”

“The Farmhouse is a haven of peace and I pray it stays open for a long, long time.”

Tibetan Buddhist monks preparing to create a mandala nearby.

Whether sharing their gifts, healing wounded hearts, mending themselves or tending to others,
all have left a part of themselves that is felt by all who enter—
a gift of grace and love.

Canadian geese come each winter to stay on the pond.


“A place of peace and comfort where we can re-charge and re-connect  with each other…” 

“I just love what you have done to make this beautiful time happen for my sisters and I…”

“An idyllic setting to be away from it all…” 

“A space to clear our minds and remember the most important things in life.  You have given us a space to be free.”

“…a peaceful therapeutic stay…”

“…a safe place for us to restore and renew our energies…”

“What an inspiring and healing pleasure to stay at the wonderful Farmhouse!”

“I cannot wait for the next time!”

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